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01 Description

A short general description of the garment


02 Brand

The name of the brand, store, place you brought the item


03 Colour

Name the colour and describe it in detail


04 Material

Composition of the fabric, description and sensorial touch

05 Garment Style




06 Date of purchase 

The year when you obtained (bought, gifed, etc.) this garment.

07 Date of reseach 

Moment of conducting this reseach 

08 As of Nū Code

Your initials followed by the item number. So if you’re name is Sigrid Visser and this the fist item you are documenting the code for this piacular items will be SV01. The next item you will document will have the code SV02, and so on and so on. 

09 Upload your photos

Please upload your 4 photos and also include a screenshot of your item found on the webshop